Bathroom #2 Before & After

The layout of our second bathroom upstairs was handy because it has a door into the master bedroom and one into the hallway. Thankfully, the cigarette smell from the former owners did not come up into the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, but the bathroom definitely needed some updating.


For starters, there was a linoleum floor (gross) that we knew had to go. Next up there was a super outdated vanity that was in bad shape, and I did not want to put my toiletries in it’s drawers.  The shower door was rusty and had lots of calcium deposits, along with some super 80’s gold trim, and the shower tile seemed greasy and dirty. Luckily, the toilet was brand new, and the tub seemed to be in good condition so we set out to work in phases.

Our first step in the updating process was to put in actual tile flooring, a new vanity, and remove the gross shower door:


We went with a dark cherry vanity, found a matching medicine cabinet, put in a neutral colored tile, framed the mirror with crown molding, and a white shower curtain.

My husband and I knew we needed to get the tile updated in the shower because it was grossing us out – no matter how much we bleached, scrubbed, and overall cleaned the shower tile, it was no use and still felt dirty. Finally the process began and we were thrilled to see it transform. Here’s the before and then all the changes:



We needed additional light in the shower so we added in a light above, which has completely changed our shower game at home :). Our favorite transformation yet, we are so happy with our completely updated upstairs bathroom!




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