Bathroom #1 Before & After

We had lots of projects in mind when we first purchased our home, and the first one we had to tackle was the bathroom downstairs – we think it was the ‘smoking room’ because it smelled horrid in there, even after the many layers of specialized odor blocking paint I could still smell it. We decided to re-do the shower because we think the stench had gotten into the grout (don’t smoke!!).


I mean it was just tile on tile on tile, and SO gross. It had plenty of potential though! Thankfully the vanity and the light fixture were relatively new, so we kept them. We decided on a gray 12×24 tile with a mosaic band and a hexagon marble looking floor :).


I can’t stand mirrors with no frame, so we framed the mirror with some of the crown moulding to give it a finished look.

We painted it a few times – originally wanted it to be a grayish purple, but it turned out to be like a pastel purple and we hated it. Then we decided on a light blue tone with whites and grays.


Although it took nearly 2 years to get it to where we wanted, we are SO happy with the result. The last think we need to get is a custom shower door, since it’s not the standard size – that can wait since no one ever uses the shower downstairs :).



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