4th of July BBQ

My husband and I were so excited to host a 4th of July BBQ at our home this year. We finally finished some backyard updates to make it a much more functional space, so we were ready to host our friends and family for a fun day outside :).

When we started to plan, I told myself to “keep it simple”, which always proves to be a struggle for me. I end up getting too excited and buy way more booze/food/decor than necessary, but what can I say? It’s who I am. I kept finding cute 4th of July decor ideas and couldn’t help myself.  In keeping with theme, we had some red linens and a fun banner from Target for our beverage tables:


I also had to try a fun ‘boozy’ treat (since there are TONS of ideas online) – I settled on some vodka soaked chocolate covered strawberries and they were a huge hit. It was super easy to prepare and make, just soaked strawberries in vodka overnight, drained the vodka (SO good with ice and sparkling water!), patted the strawberries dry and dipped in melting chocolate and topped with some pretty sprinkles.


We had a lot of red, white and blue decor throughout the backyard and the house, which made it a festive place to celebrate the 4th!

We decided it would be so fun to have a little impromptu water balloon fight after lunch, and things quickly escalated – after we ran out of the first 60 or so, there was a Target run and two huge boxes of Buncho Balloons were purchased (maybe 400+ water balloons in total!). If you haven’t seen those yet, they are the COOLEST thing – a way to fill and tie 35 balloons at once! Where were these when we were kids??

Hope you had a nice time celebrating!



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