Storybook Baby Shower

When I was in college, I joined Delta Zeta sorority and during my 4 years as an active collegiate member I met some of my best friends. Shortly after graduating in 2011, one of said besties was pregnant with her first baby, and it was so exciting to plan a shower for her. While I was always considered somewhat of a ringleader/bonfire hosting/vacation planning/always trying to keep my schedule packed type of person, this was one of my first true events as a ‘big girl’ post college – this ones an oldie but goodie.

Hosted in her mom’s dreamy backyard, the theme was “Once Upon a Time” /storybook. The colors were blues and brown, and I repurposed these really cool water bead centerpieces as a focal point.  Mind you – this is when Pinterest has just started becoming a thing – I saw cupcakes in a jar and knew they would be a fun and unique favor for guests. I’m sure there are WAY easier ways to make these now, I just remember them taking way too long (also because I’m too picky about presentation)!

In keeping with the storybook theme, the goal was to incorporate books and story telling. My friend had a cricut so we made 3 garlands that were folded to look like little books strung around the pergola. We played a few games and had an activity where each guest prepared an 8×8 scrapbook page for mommy and baby to keep.

It’s hard to believe that this shower took place 6 years ago, but I remember it being an experience that I loved and wanted to continue being a part of whenever I could. Today, I am a part-time Event Assistant with two local wedding and event coordinators in the Bay Area to help feed my love of events and design. Stay tuned for photos from other events I’ve worked with!



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