Our First Home Sweet Home

We bought our little home in July 2015 and it is our pride and joy! Let me start off by saying that our home buying experience was exciting, exhausting, and expensive. The Bay Area is known for it’s obscenely priced and competitive real estate market, so it was a stressful process from the get-go. With an excellent realtor, lender, and a LOT of luck, our offer was accepted on our very first try (that is NOT a normal thing to happen around here!).

The previous family that owned the home wasn’t exactly the cleanest, and unfortunately there was a smoker among the pretty crowded group – there were roughly 4 adults and a child living in the 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse.  Our work was cut out for us, but thanks to our obsessions with HGTV shows (Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, you name it!) we were so ready to take on the challenge.

Here are some of the listing photos (we like to call these the “before”):

We had lots of projects in mind, and the first was to get rid of that cigarette stench! One of my uncles was kind enough to help us paint the entire first floor with a stain/scent blocking primer, and then we painted it a taupe color. We also decided to get crown moulding installed throughout the first floor to give it a little more character.

We had a wishlist of items that we wanted to tackle over time including:
– Downstairs Bath Remodel
– Upstairs Bath Remodel
– Install Recessed Lighting
– Create a Functional Backyard
– Install Ceiling Fans/Lights in Bedrooms

As of today, I think we have hit all of the wishlist items! I will post some “afters” in future posts to show how far we’ve come 🙂

Decorating has been a whole other process of trial and error – it’s fun but never ending and always evolving. One day I like the color of curtains, and the next I hate them – crazy me at it again. Is it just me or is this how it goes when decorating your home??





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