My now husband and I got engaged on August 15, 2014 – the original proposal surprise was let out of the bag (and scheduled for the following day) so my husband and bestie schemed to ACTUALLY surprise me :). Me, being my crazy self, already knew which wedding photographer we wanted to work with. I first became acquainted with Amanda Tung of Amanda Wei Photo‘s work at my friend’s wedding in 2012. The photos were stunning and I knew to keep her in my future wedding vendor wishlist.

We scheduled our engagement shoot in September with the goal to have 3 separate locations/outfit changes, but we only got to do 2 that day. Amanda was nice enough to let us do another session at our final location – she truly is one of the most talented, kind, and amazing people we’ve ever met! Our photos turned out beautifully (as expected) and I find myself looking at them over and over again – I couldn’t wait to work with her for the wedding and future shoots!

The first location was in the courtyard at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Los Gatos, CA. We loved the pretty setting, beautiful archway, and ‘secret garden’ feel. Lola the Corgi was also part of the shoot here, and we are so grateful to have gotten photos with her :). The second location was at Capitola Beach, with its iconic colorful beach houses and pier. The final location was at Wrights Station Winery off Summit Road in Los Gatos – a place where we are wine club members and are obsessed with the grounds (inside and out!).

It would sure be nice to look like this in all my photos, but it takes a makeup artist and professional photographer to achieve such results ;).



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